Seyaj’s primary focus is defending the rights of all Yemeni children. Since its establishment fifteen years ago, it has worked in partnership with international organizations, national governmental and non-governmental institutions, and a network of volunteers in all Yemeni governorates.

Based on the general goals and values in its statute, and the standards and ethics of child rights defenders, Seyaj has worked to develop its partnerships with stakeholders, and to increase the participation of the national private sector and society to protect, care for, and develop children’s rights.

Since 2014, the conflict has increased the prevalence of crimes and violations against children, exacerbating the dangers and threats to children’s rights. The evident deterioration in legal protective structures and methods, the COVID-19 epidemic, and the Ukraine conflict have all increased the suffering that the majority of Yemeni children face.

Violence, exploitation, and ill-treatment have made collaboration between Seyaj and other organizations working with children more imperative.

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