Compulsory and Free Education for Every Child

Seyaj works to ensure that all Yemeni children have access to free and compulsory basic education, as it is the foundation for individual and societal development, as well as peace, stability, and progress.

All facets of the educational process, including students, instructors, curricula, and infrastructure, require restoration and recovery in light of the extensive war on education in Yemen.

In light of those risks and complex challenges, Seyaj has renewed its call for comprehensive peace as a stepping stone to tangibly mitigate the effects of war on the education sector. It also calls on the government and international and regional communities to advance education to protect children and strategically fortify the national security of the region.

Seyaj aims to create a child-friendly educational environment by updating policies, issuing salary payments to all members of the educational sector, and enhancing the instructors’ professional competence.

The organization also strives to draw in students by hosting cultural and educational programs, targeting the reasons behind school dropout and non-enrollment, and giving in-kind aid such as backpacks and school uniforms, particularly for girls, the displaced, the impoverished, and other marginalized groups.

To create a protective school environment, Seyaj integrates school programs to reduce violence, bullying, aggression, spread of drugs, and dangerous behaviors among students, seeing as such unstable environments have caused parents to withdraw their children from school.

To bring about real self-recovery in the education system, the Yemeni government and the international and regional community must develop and implement a practical strategy to bring an end to the war. They must improve and pay the salaries of all members of the educational community in a manner commensurate with the requirements of a decent life, and then repair the damage to people, quarantine, curricula, and thought.